People are stressed. Chair Massage is a great way to relax and revive workers.

By offering complimentary onsite chair massage to enhance the company culture, people will want to come to work! 
It’s important to think about what is going on in your staffs’ lives outside of their work life, and how it can negatively impact the culture in the workplace if left untreated. People are desperately scrambling to balance work and life. Taking care of children, aging parents, the financial strain of the ever increasing cost of living, and the fact that 1 in 5 people suffer from a mental illness every year are all contributing factors to this inherent imbalance. This, growing epidemic, in turn, can all lead to absenteeism, disability insurance claims, substance abuse, and people quitting – which will impact a company’s bottom line, creating churn rates to spike, and hard costs to rise.

People work, more than they live

The Canadian Cancer Society says the average Canadian spends about 60 percent of their waking hours at work! That’s a lot of time not to be focusing on all the other components in life. Plus a Business Insider publication reveals, “25 % of employees say work is their primary source of stress and 40% say their joy is very, or extremely stressful. 25% of people check into work hourly while on vacation via email and phone. 59% stated that they check work during traditional holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Basically, work is everywhere.” When are people given a chance to shut off and truly take a break? Do you know how strenuous bad stress is on the body?

People feel overworked… 

…with heavy workloads, meetings, and presentations. They feel stressed when overloaded with work. This can happen after people leave and they are left filling the gap, or when co-workers are sick or go on disability. Add on top of that, the constant fear of being replaced and unappreciated or under-recognized. All this can cause people to avoid coming into work, or be easily persuaded to go work elsewhere. This is definitely not what a company would want after going through all the hard work to hire them. Just ask any HR manager!

Brain Strain

Everyone has different roles to play at work that can often require complex problem-solving. This strain on the brain and can be stressful, especially for start-ups, growing businesses, or fast past work environments with strict, prompt deadlines and sales quotas to meet. Staring at a computer screen for hours, hunched over a computer, seated way too long, or doing repetitive motion, causes chronic injuries such as migraines, back and neck problems – which are a common cause of absenteeism. “Unscheduled absenteeism costs roughly $3,600 per year for each hourly worker and $2,650 each year for salaried employees.” – having sick, disengaged employees costs a lot more money than doing something small like rewarding with chair massage or other such perks throughout the year.

Studies show, healthier, and happier employees perform better at their job, which will improve a company’s bottom line! 

It’s best your HR department help build a positive and healthy company culture to attract, motivate, and build valued employees. Offering company wellness perks initiated by the CEO or other C-suite executives are just the way to do that. Providing wellness in the workplace such as corporate in-house massage will create better morale in the office, which will make people want to come to work, and get excited about what they are giving up their time at work for. We have even seen our clients add this to their company hiring incentives – now that’s smart! 

At Soulful Indulgence, we provide an array of onsite wellness services

Our workplace wellness partners to bring in Yoga, Fitness, Bio Metric Screening, Wellness Fair Management, Lunch and soulful-indulgence-essential-oils-enhance-mobile-spa-treatment-such-as-chair-massageLearns, and more. While our most popular treatment from our mobile spa menu is massage. More specifically, chair massage. It’s an ergonomic, compact chair that our guests comfortably lean into, opening the back and relieving strain on the body. The massage is performed over the clothing by our certified massage practitioners, and incorporate optional 100% PURE, therapeutic essential oil inhalation therapy, which makes our treatment even more effective for a quick wellness break at the office.

5 Benefits of Chair Massage 

Reduces stress:
“Research suggests that frequent massage reduces cortisol, which is a major stress hormone, and high levels of cortisol have been linked to high blood pressure, suppressed immune system function and obesity. And you don’t even need an hour-long massage to reduce cortisol levels or lower stress. Studies have found that even a brief 15-minute chair massage once a week can reduce stress systems”.

massage-benefitsRelieves muscle tension:
According to the Mayo Clinic, massage has proven to be an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.” Chair massage is especially good for the upper extremities: back, neck, shoulders, and arms.  Need work on legs? No problem, we can set you up with table massage or foot and leg with a zero gravity chair. 

Improves mood: 
A single session of massage can lower anxiety and depression. While an on-going massage program can reduce both those AND lower blood pressure and improve negative mood swings.

It just keeps getting better

Boosts energy:
A brief massage enhances the circulation and allows the guest receiving this excellent, compact, mobile spa treatment to turn off for a few minutes. This relaxation treatment will increase problem solving and creativity. Spa therapy has tremendous mind, body, and soul benefits. and now Soulful Indulgence eco-friendly mobile spa conveniently comes right to your office! Using this mobile service is great because it keeps your team at work and therefore more focused on company projects. It’s a huge time saver.

Increases morale: 
When staff feels taken care of, the company culture will be set to a tone of caring from the top down. People want to be rewarded for their efforts with workplace perks. There is nothing worse than slogging away at a job where the worker constantly feels like they are doing all the work to generate the company money, with nothing but a paycheck in return. The Millenials coming into the workforce are looking for more than money. They want to work for a company that provides them an exceptional experience, or they will quickly go elsewhere.  A company must do more these days to attract and retain the best talent for their organization. The business landscape is changing. Is your workplace prepared? 

How can a company use chair massage?

We recommend medium to larger sized organizations implement a weekly onsite program. Have it be an open service where people can book themselves in, with the use of our complimentary customized printable sign-up sheets. Also, we recommend special events, trade show attraction, product launch nights, or special employee recognition gifts. We can provide in-home mobile spa treatments for your staff to enjoy in the comfort of their home, anywhere in Vancouver, BC and the lower mainland. Other suggestions include providing chair massage as department rewards, incentive programs for sales, client thank you programs, (e.g. a gift to their workplace as a one time massage day) and we include a complimentary co-branded sign with your private message to invoke your brand awareness.

Reward with Soulful Indulgence wellness in the workplace

In the end, investing in your team’s wellness with these small, yet important perks will save money in the long run. Setting your organization apart from the rest. As this is administrative professionals week, this is the perfect time to inspire, reward, and refresh your team. Provide them something such as a fifteen minute chair massage, pedicure, or gift them our customizable corporate wellness gift bags. Workplace wellness will set the right tone in the office and improve the company’s culture. Wow, your team – a little wellness in the workplace goes a LONG WAY! Contact us today to book your office. We can book you with any wellness service you would like, just ask:  Email us at

Call to book us today and to learn more

If this post has piqued your interest, but you need to present this up the chain to your senior management, we are happy to provide free consultations. We will take your HR or C-Suite executives on a tour of all that we have in store to offer for employees retention, motivation, engagement, and success! We are here to be your wellness concierge! See you soon.