The culture of bamboo manufacturing

Bamboo is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world; capable of growing up to four feed a day! Bamboo creates less of an ecological footprint compared to that of even organic cotton. Shoo-Foo; our linen expert – goes to great lengths to support the original manufacturing process used by local farmers in China; to minimize their mark on the environment and create a quality product in the context of sustainable development.

We all live in a world of choices.

We know that there are some terrible environmental business practices, growing and manufacturing out there – and people are starting to wake up. Too many chemicals used; too much land and too many local eco-systems are being ruined, and way too much waste is generated from having to re-purchase items too often. It is within us to change and choose from great alternative choices that are out on the marketplace and continue to be invented. 

Wrap yourself in eco-comfort every time you go to sleep.


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The natural colour of bamboo fibre – bed sheet, no dye added, no bleach used 

The smooth material made from the cellulose of bamboo is extremely soft, silky, absorbent, and breathable. It is a real pleasure for the skin

  • Support Diefenbaker – local Richmond, BC. elementary school build a new playground. Shoo-foo has a towel set up on the auction block. Check it out here


Just in time for the holidays!bamboo-linens-shoofoo-soul-indulgence-eco-friendly

Check out this great gift idea: Order an aromatherapeutic in-home spa experience – Inhalation therapy: Add 2-3 drops in hot of cold water, soak cloth in that water, and wring out. Take a few moments to mindfully inhale the therapeutic benefits through the cloth and exhale. The perfect duo – Bamboo face cloths and your choice of 100 % PURE essential oil.

We hope you will give bamboo a try. Leave us a comment on your experience with bamboo products.
Choices for a better today and tomorrow. #gogreen #ecofriendly #soulfulindulgence #happyhalloween