What has your energy levels down so low that your feeling like hatching a couch more than you need to?


Check out these possible reasons you might be feeling sluggish and wellness tips to help keep you refreshed. 

  1. Dehydration ~ not enough fluid in the cells *** TIP *** drink more clean, fresh water!

  2. Electronics ~ stimulating your brain late at night keeping you up? Perhaps it’s just the electric waves disrupting your sleep pattern  *** TIP *** Keep electronics out of your 1 hour before bedtime, evening ritual.

  3. Body Strained and out of balance *** TIP ***  Get a massage or some alternative therapy such as chiropractics and acupuncture to put your system back in line.

  4. Toxic liver making you sluggish? *** TIP *** try a detoxifying cleanse along with a body wrap every season and eat “real”  whole foods.

  5. Vitamin C deficiency can be loading your body up with too many free radicals. *** TIP *** Get more antioxidant power by loading up with high-grade supplement; good luck trying to get enough vitamin C in food alone… our soils are pretty depleted; you can do it, you just might need to consume a truckload of oranges per day.
  6. low-energy-women-yawningLow on Magnesium? An essential electrolyte responsible for activating all muscles in the body *** TIP *** have an Epson salt bath.  Not only with this help absorb this pain relieving mineral transdermally, but you will also benefit from the stress reduction of a calming bath. Make sure you use 2-3 cups of salts per soak.

  7. Too much exercise? Too much before bed can result in elevated adrenalin; keeping you awake *** TIP *** always make sure to get your exercise; just not so much right before bed and know your limits.  Let your body repair between workouts. The body is meant to be moving. Not enough exercise will cause a lack of release of endorphins and neurotransmitters that help regulate sleep

  8. Thyroid problem?  *** TIP *** keep yourself checked up at the doctors

  9. Inconsistent wake can leave you feeling run down *** TIP *** try your best to wake up at the same time every day to get your body in a good rhythm.