Here’s the 411 on why you should be getting more garlic in your diet!

Not only is is good for those who wish to clear up their acne and keep you from continuously catching everybody else’s cold, but if your not allergic to this powerhouse bulb; then, no joke; you need to be consuming more! 


Better to eat little, more often than all at one.  Make sure to crush it so’s it activates the medicinal properties: Diallyl sulphides, that may help lower “bad” cholesterol; which is in turn good for the heart. It keeps the blood from coagulating, so ease up on it after surgery until your incisions heal.  Also in garlic you will find: Allicin; which is an excellent anti-fungal and garlic preparations have been used in folk medicine to treat skin infections such as athlete’s foot, sickness, even the plague. Be cautious: too much contact with crushed garlic can result in skin blistering and irritate the intestines if too much is eaten raw. – We all know Vampires will burn” lol.” ; there’s the truth right there!

Cooking with it whole is not the same as mincing it up.  This amazing immune boosting bulb is super potent, medicinal food and makes food taste exquisite. 

Buy a bunch, peel it up, chop it up into freezer zip locks, freeze, remove quantities as needed for quick, nutritious, gourmet meals.