Why get a facial

Natural-professional-facial-careThe skin on your face is exposed daily to the environment and shows age the fastest, next to hands. Therefore if you would like to look as naturally young as possible – getting on a good facial care regime is what you need to do.


Skin does not remain youthful forever

As we age, the cell regeneration process slows down resulting in a dull complexion. Therefore we need to give it a little boost as age becomes prevalent. Furthermore, exfoliation with the wrong product can damage tissue, as can slathering on the wrong products. Even if you think something is good, it can hit you in the end. Like glycolic peels; sure they make your skin smooth but may be sensitizing your skin at the same time and can leave the sun’s rays to do further damage if you are not using sun protection.  An esthetician or dermatologist is your number one source to find out what products and procedures will be best suited for your skin, as no two people are alike when it comes to their skin.

What’s in a facial

During a facial, the skin is cleansed, exfoliated, toned, and moisturized. The longer a facial treatment, the more nourishing the treatment becomes. It’s quite a workout for the skin. Additional procedures include: Steaming to open the pores gently. Extractions to remove trapped oxidized oil in the skin- typically known as blackheads. Massage is performed to oxygenate the skin and tone facial muscles. Also masking to blanket the skin and penetrate vital, active ingredients into the skin.

Spa Treatment.

Get the right products for home care

One treatment in a spa by a professional will not fix everything, like going to the gym only one time, in hopes of losing weight, building muscle, or getting toned. One needs to work at it. Your certified skin care therapist will prescribe the correct products and regimen to follow at home for the optimal results.

Frequency of a facial treatment

A monthly treatment in the spa is a good idea, otherwise book a series to do a cluster of facials in a row where you can do every week or two, to get your skin up to speed. After this, you can then space out professional treatment (with proper home care running in parallel) about every 3-4 months. A lot of spa professionals suggest a facial every month, but we think armed with the right education and correct home care products you can save your money and DIY. Then just do follow up facials to make sure you are keeping everything in check and moving in the right direction. Also facial are incredibly relaxing, so you can always come in for that as often as needed. 

Our mobile spa service can bring this service right to you. Conveniently relax at home and get all the benefits of great skin care.