Some great reasons to head out for a bike ride

Biking is a fantastic way to explore, exercise, and get around. Especially for such community tasks as banking.  Not to mention cycling is an excellent way to cut down on petrol consumption, and increases the body’s circulation, therefore offering a healthy, green solution to getting you fit.  

Immune System Strengthening

 Moderate activities strengthens the immune system and contributes to a healthy life. 

Muscle Stimulation

did yo know that one week of inactivity can reduce the strength of the muscular system by 50%??? 


Exercise and the accompanying strain on the skeletal system strengthens and increases mobility. 

Back Improvement

Because of the good posture when cycling, the movement produced in the legs and the small muscles of the back help strengthen.

Stress Reduction

Due to the uniform cycling movement, this stabilizes the physical and emotional functions of the body; helping with: anxiety, depression, hormone balancing, or other psychological problems. 

Joint Protection

Getting the synovial fluid in your joins flowing is always a good thing as this helps prevent injury.  And because the bike is supporting the body force on the joints due to weight is reduced.

Circulation Improvement

Biking strengthens the respiratory muscles, which leads to improved ventilation of the lungs and therefore has a positive effect on oxygen exchange. 

Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases Prevention

All the risk factors that lead to a heart attack are reduced and regular cycling reduces the likelihood of heart attack by more than 50%.

Obesity Reduction

Biking is ideal for targeting these problems as 70% of the body’s weight is borne by the saddle, thus enabling people who could not otherwise move easily to exercise to increase their physical fitness and stimulate fat metabolism. Cycling also contributes to weight reduction by burning energy.

Body Fat and Hypercholesterol Reduction

Regular cycling trains the body to burn fat reserves and changes cholesterol balance; favouring the protective kind as opposed to the bad.