Gift a spa package to someone you love, want to thank, or impress.

In today’s busy world, everyone is too busy. Too plugged in, and disconnected from self. Giving someone the gift of relaxation with a spa package is giving a moment to pause the world. Allowing the guest to take a break and just breathe. Resulting in a powerful few moments that will balance, nourish, and revitalize them. Perfect to gift a spa package to that someone who has everything. For a more fulfilling life, it should be a collection of experiences instead of possessions and what better way to get that experience than a spa treatment delivered into the comfort and convenience of their home or at a local resort spa.

realxing-with-a-facial-and-head-massageIt’s always nice to hear about guest’s experiences – whether good or bad, so we can continue to develop our excellent guest experience. It is because of customers sharing this valuable information that we as a company – because we listen; can continue to offer what we have, that people love and deserve so much!

Here is a lovely testimonial message regarding a Soulful Indulgence custom spa package that as gifted from afar. (This was a purchase that came from the USA for a resident of White Rock British Columbia Canada. – we created a custom spa package that was split into two different Soulful Indulgence spa days for the guest to indulge in.)

” I found you just through an Internet search and that, of course, brings some inherent anxiety about what we would receive.  From our first call though you put my mind at ease with the questions you asked and recommendations you made.  Jennifer was thrilled with the service, and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to hire you again.”