Why you should indulge in the spa.

School season’s back on, and stress is on the rise, with summer holiday vacation memories dwindling in the rearview mirror. Busy schedules, after school activities, colds and flues and not to mention you probably have to work during all this too!

Spa treatments offer a chance to quiet your world. Here is a practical guide to reasons you want to order up some spa treatments to help keep your personal wellbeing in check.

  1 – Stress Reduction                                       11- Relaxation 
  2- Detoxification                                             12- Muscle Tension Relief   
  3- Improve Self Esteem                                 13- Health
  4- Circulation Improvement                         14- Mind Balance
  5- Boost The Immune System                       15- Pampering
  6- Anti-Aging                                                   16- Rejuvenation  
  7- Skin Healing                                                17- Aromatherapy  
  8- Improved Sleep                                          18- Nutrition  
  9- Cellular Oxygenation                                 19-  Improved Flexibility 
 10-Professional Skin Care Assessment        20- Prevention

Our mobile spa offers a unique experience.

Soulful Indulgence spa services provide all the benefits of the spa plus additional stress reduction benefits as we are mobile.   No traffic,  No leaving, just pure relaxation. That feeling of having to get ready to go to the spa and then putting yourself back together to leave is a thing of the past. Rest. Life is busy enough already. Usually, when you leave a spa location, by the time you get back into your car and get home – all the traffic puts you back into the same state of mind before your treatment, leaving you no better off and your spa treatment a distant memory. Where when one relaxes at home with our mobile spa service, a whole other world opens up.