ON-SITE SPA FOR SENIORSgloria-getting-a-royal-soulful-indulgence-treatment

For many years now our mobile spa service has fostered some heartwarming relationships between elders, the immobile, their families, and our practitioners. Our mobile spa service caters to seniors beautifully to bring them dignity and mind, body, balancing care. Our service is perfect for them, especially with the fact we come to them and use all eco-friendly products, which are effective, and gentle for all skin types. seniors-compassion-care-by-soulful-indulgence-mobile-spa-wellness-skin-care-and-spa-copy


Our on-going care program,

Allows for beautiful moments to happen; regardless if the guest remembers or not due to their dementia; we are a warm smile and welcomed friend visit with each session. The therapeutic touch alone is so vital, as chances are they have become more and more void of it in their daily lives as they continue to age and friends pass away, and families get too busy or move away.  Some clients have even opted to have our care provided 3x per week for the last few years of their life -they loved every session and felt so loved.

The best care comes with a friend and safety.

We compassionately build our relationships with each guest as we pair them with one of our practitioners. However we keep detailed notes on our guests so if someone needs to fill in for a standing appointment, they can have the support they need to continue the customized experience. Safety is our top priority, so we follow Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health regulations and work in close cooperation with any applicable care attendants, nurses, doctors, other to stay on top of overall health, and should any service not be performed. 

So who usually purchases the mobile spa service? 

It’s usually the adult children who are the ones who set their parents or grandparents up with our care. A power of attorney can set up automatic billing, so the guest never has to pay a thing. Or course we have all the other standard methods of payment should the guest want to cover it themselves. We like to make this a fully accessible program for seniors.

It’s time to care for your elders with the spa. 

Because family members can’t always visit as much as they’d like, therefore they love to hear they can get their loved ones some extra, much deserved TLC. The transformation in the state of mind of our guests before and after their session can be profound! Community care staff are busy, and nurses won’t even file fingernails these days. So have our mobile spa service come in and give them the attention they deserve. We can even set up senior living residents with their onsite spa.

Experience personal care from the spa with dignity,

Guests can experience Manicures, Pedicures, Facial, Skin Care, Exfoliation, Massage, Hair removal and nail polish. We have even arranged for in-room / bedside hairdressing. This program we developed is our community service to give back to our elders. We believe it’s an important circle of life that needs to be respected and cherished.