Why hello there September

Wellness is a vital balance and it is never too late to start taking care of yourself in order to achieve this.
As we go into fall and a whole new cycle, remember to take some time for yourself; if even for a moment! Time flies by too fast for you to leave 

What an amazing summer it’s been 

back-to-schoolSummer 2010 has been a summer of discovering and maintaining wellness. By capturing the heat of summer whenever possible, reconnecting with self, being with friends and family, and getting a healthy dose of vitamin D. In addition to enjoying moments of laughing, playing and relaxation.
Now the kids are back at school. Vacation times are used up, and the days are getting shorter.  Furthermore cold and flu bugs are on the rise, and no one is slowing down, creating immunities to tumble resulting in people getting sick. 

Bring in the wellness

It is up to us to capture the moments of experience that make us feel connected to the greatest parts of life, ourselves and the present moment.  It is now time to de-stress, give back to and strengthen the body by giving it the gift of nourishment and a time out. Then you may experience moments of relaxation, health, peace, serenity for a healthy mind, body connection amongst all the hustle of  the world we have created. It’s all about wellness this decade around. Change is eminent.