picture-in-the-rear-view-mirrorSpring is coming: as the snow starts to thaw, temperatures rise, and plants start to come to life; it dawns on us that spring, then soon to be summer is on the horizon!   

Instead of wishing for spring to be here already; live a little – slow down and enjoy the process: As with every year, once the season arrives hesping-has-sprung-time-for-a-bike-ridere on the Southern West Coast of Beautiful British Columbia – it zooms by so fast into the next. So the theme out here is, enjoy it while you can. Besides, with the new climate these days you’ll experience the odd day of summer, spring, winter, or fall – at any time of the year! Any day getting to wear sunglasses and putting the top down is a great day.

Spring time is awesome and so inspiring!  

A spectacular season. Living here in Beautiful British Columbia Canada; there is just so much nature to take in (which studies are now starting to show the positive impact this has on overall health)  and do.

Grounding walks through the forests, a hike up a mountain, ride a bike through a beautiful park or swim. There is also plenty more.
A day on the open water is always nice. Ever Kayak, canoe, or row? – the correct clothing this time of year can still allow this to be enjoyable activity – outside the dead heat of summer. spring-is-coming
What do you like to start doing this time of year? Please share and inspire others in the comments below. Whatever it is, just keep fit, keep moving, smile, stay healthy, laugh, surround yourself with loving people, and have fun! 

Oh and please remember to stretch before and after!

Trust us; you’ll thank us when you are are not injured, or feeling as sore the next day as you could be. Especially after hibernating all winter.