Update on April 21, 2022: We’re back offering on-site massage and wellness services delivered directly to your office or at your next event! Learn more about how we’re keeping our guests safe with our safety guidelines. We also have corporate wellness gift sets that you can gift to team members (who are working remotely) to help them focus on their well-being in the comfort of their own homes.

With COVID-19, we haven’t experienced anything of this magnitude, so it’s hard to be mentally prepared for the pandemic, as it came so unexpectedly. While we navigate through these uncertain times, it can take a toll on all of us. Mental and physical wellness is now more important than ever.

Staying well during these times is very important; for you and your family. Here are a few ways to relieve stress and anxiety during these times:

  • Eat a healthy diet: Now that we’re at home more often and eating out less at restaurants, it’s a great time to eat healthier. Smaller portion sizes and being mindful of what you eat can help you take small steps to a healthier you. For more tips, read the healthy eating guide.

  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is a treatment that uses natural plant essential oil – to promote health and well-being and is great for reducing stress, agitation, and anxiety.

    At Soulful Indulgence, we offer our own line of therapeutic essential oils. Learn more >
  • Meditation: This is a simple way to reduce stress and provide clarity to your mind. Here is an introductory video that is a great beginner’s guide to what it is and how it works.

  • Think Positively: Turn lemons into lemonade. You can either think negatively or think positive thoughts when dealing with a stressful situation. During the pandemic, we get to enjoy more time spent with family and have more time to do things we’ve been putting off doing for so long. Thinking more positive thoughts can make you feel happier and be more appreciative of the things you already have.

    Think Positivity
    Image by Alissa Azureen.
  • Get Outside: Whether it is a physical activity, garden, or going for a walk – being out in nature and getting active will reduce stress and raise your feel-good serotonin levels.

  • Connecting at a distance: You can still connect with friends and family through a video chat, using free services like Zoom. Or head out for a walk – keeping six feet apart from others, of course!

We look forward to helping you reduce stress and relax once again at the office when it is safe to do so. When we do return to our regular on-site massage services, please be assured we will put strict measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety, as health and wellness are of the utmost importance to Soulful Indulgence’s philosophy.

Spread Kindness
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Until then, be kind because it’s infectious! Stay positive and take care of yourself one another.

Michelle R. Divecha
Founder, Soulful Indulgence