To say the last two years plus have been a roller coaster ride would be an understatement. It’s incredible to look back and see how quickly the world had pivoted to tackle the unprecedented pandemic. Now that the world is starting to open back up again and restrictions are being lifted, companies are interested in getting on-site chair massages back at their offices and events.

Mental and physical wellness is now more important than ever. People need a break from all the exhaustive effort and be recognized for all their hard work during these difficult times. Nowadays, it’s not all about monetary rewards. Employers need to show that they care about their employees — especially when it comes to wellness. When your staff feels appreciated they work harder. At Soulful Indulgence, we have some quick and proven track record strategies you can use to get started.

Wellness at Work and For Employees Working Remotely

Prior to the pandemic, companies were already taking advantage of our on-site massages delivered directly to their offices. Now, what better way to reward and incentivize your team to come back to the office!

If your team is still working remotely, we have you covered with our self-care wellness gift sets you can conveniently send to your staff and delivered directly to their homes.

Our gift set collections are specifically designed and carefully curated by our experienced estheticians to promote self-care, using the best natural ingredients nature has to offer. These luxury spa products will help alleviate burnouts; or better yet — prevent them altogether!

Each of our gift set collections come in various sizes to suit your budget. Save time by buying gifts for everyone on your list all at once to reward your team members.

We’re Attending the Connect HR Conference & Expo 2022 in April and May!

CPHR banner - Vancouver April 26-27 2022

We are excited to announce that we are back doing on-site massages and wellness services! You’ll find us at our first event since pre-pandemic, the 2022 HR Conference & Expo. CPHR is enhancing the HR conference with a pop up wellness lounge for event attendees. Get a free chair massages courtesy of Avanti Software if you are planning to attend! We have been providing our services for this annual event before the pandemic started. It’s going to be a great experience to connect with our guests in-person at such a wonderful conference once again!

Avanti software CPHR BC

How We’re Keeping Our Guests Safe

While our service has always upheld strict sanitization guidelines, we would like to share with you how we keep our team and guests safe during this time.

  1. No one shall perform a massage or receive a massage if they are unwell.
  2. All our on-site team members are fully vaccinated.
  3. Massage guests and practitioners will sanitize their hands prior to starting their treatment.
  4. All massage guests will need to wear a mask during their treatment. They will receive a fresh mask to wear at the beginning of the session.
  5. Spa hostesses will ensure chairs and trays are frequently sanitized for our guests.
  6. Disposable (recyclable) headrest covers are provided for each massage treatment.
  7. Massage chair is sanitized between each massage.
  8. Massage chairs will be spaced out to offer adequate social distancing.
  9. The location for setting up our massages will have good ventilation.

We look forward to helping you reduce stress and relax once again at the office or an event.

Until then, be kind because it’s infectious! Stay positive and take care of yourself and each other.

Be Kind
Illustration by Sarah Symes.

Michelle R. Divecha
Founder, Soulful Indulgence