What is behind the label?

How aware are you of what’s on the label, when you buy things?  – More than just the brand name displayed on your new purchase. Your purchasing power is strong.

Do you care about what a product or company stands for or do you tend to ultimately seek out the lowest price no matter what and not care about the rest?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where is the product manufactured?

  • What’s inside the product? (read the ingredients) Lurking in a lot of personal care products are ingredients you can’t even pronounce let alone understand what benefit they are doing if any. 

  • Is the product fair trade? Looking deeper into that questions, what kind of working conditions are you supporting by buying this product?

  • Does the brand support their workers?
  • What is the eco-footprint of making this purchase? How far did that item travel and how much gas was used in the process?
  • What will happen with the product once you are done with it? Can it be recycled? and how long will it last you? 

    labelsUse your money wisely

    Your hard earned dollar can go to support most anything so when you see the world turned upside down, and you feel you have no control – remember that you do have the power. Your purchasing power is mighty. Don’t like a product or service because of something unethical? -Well then simply do not buy it. Instead, purchase something that does align with values and morals. 

    Leave us a comment below as to how you best combat putting your dollars in the right place with today’s vast market of goods.