A DAY FOR LOVE… it’s coming!

Here is an idea for you! Relax and rejuvenate with the peace and tranquility of the spa this valentine.

valentine-heartGuys, she loves it when you do it!  Especially with her. Relax, shut your phones off, remove distractions and have it be just the two of you for some quiet, soulful one on one spa time. The spa can be brought to you too, so you don’t even have to go anywhere.

Should you rather do a home spa night, yourself – draw a bath, cook some dinner, wash your partner’s feet and dry them yourself with a luxurious warm towel & give each another a massage. Remember the chocolate, if you can have it. This sweet indulgence can be eaten whole or melt it to use as paint on your partner’s body if you are so daring. Ohh la la.

Indulge in a couples massage or spa treatment on Valentines Day

Or better yet order a special gift that can be as simple as the gift certificate to give on the day of or deluxe as a complete gift set with massage oil, dry brushing wand, and a gift certificate to book their favorite spa treatments at their convenience. Reserving two practitioners is always an option and doing a side by side treatments while you relax and enjoy each others company. 

Customize a spa package with us to suit your budget.  valentines-couples-massage

 Splurge and order in some catering, flowers.  Light some candles, play nice music and sip on some wine. Indulge in fantastic spa treatments that will unwind and make you melt away 

 Indulge this Valentine’s day or any day!   (why wait for one day of the year 😉 

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