Think about what you are putting on your body via your skin care each and every day.

Remember, your skin is a living, breathing organ. Thus natural skin care would be most synergistic. Would you rather put a product on you knew what was in it, and how it’s manufactured: Was it tested on animals, contain petrochemicals, or artificial fragrances, dyes, and stabilizers? Or turn a blind eye to what you would be willingly slathering all over your skin or gifting to someone. Many folks only purchase whatever is the cheapest, most expensive, smells good, and is on sale; not knowing what is lurking inside! Scary.

This is a warning to take a close look at the labels of things you put on your body.  You might be surprised at what you read, or in fact, can’t!  In a deregulated industry the customer needs to be the one aware as there can be Natural Skin Care anything on the shelf. Companies will sell anything for a profit and blast million dollar marketing campaigns to make the consumer think it’s good. Beware! There is a lot a white washing out in the marketplace too; the next time you see a product labeled “All Natural” or has a picture of Lavender, or Pine – look at the back to find the label of ingredients. You might just then decide to put it back on the shelf and share the news with others. 

It is highly advisable you know what you are putting into your body and what you breathe (household cleaners and air fresheners are just as important!)

anatomy-of-the-skinUltimately what you put on the skin can transdermally absorb particles into your blood stream, or irritate the surface of the skin; creating an even bigger problem than the original issue – Imbalance of PH, hormones, and skin tone. 

Natural Skin Care is necessary

To restart: flush out toxins and re-mineralize with a spa thalassotherapy treatment and facial; while ensuring follow-up home care. Our mobile spa service delivers these amazing naturally therapeutics skin care treatments throughout Vancouver and surrounding regions across the Lowermainland to you so you can simply relax, unwind, and save time – while we bring the spa to you. Our signature skin and body care line: Beauty Through Balance, meets all our criteria of being eco-friendly and delivers quality results with just one treatment! Think of what multiple will do.  All products are available for purchase and delivery. We create customized gift sets that come with a free consultation with a skin care expert: we find out specifics of the recipient, budget, and can arrange for shipping too. Or available for pick up.