Great tips on how to gift some romance 

Gift some Soulful Indulgence this valentines day or anytime you want to share the love, gift a personalized card with an outline for the event or surprise them the day of with a spa package or treatment.  A little pampering goes a long way to a fulfilled a relationship as it recharges a person. Because too many people keep giving to others and not back to themselves, this, therefore, makes a fantastic gift. 

Get them cozy and set the mood

Offer your specialgift some love someone to get comfortable in a robe and slippers. Buying a new fresh, and cozy one might be an excellent idea if they don’t already have the accessories.
Have a beautiful area that is warmed up, decorated with ambiance, and quiet and peaceful. Light some candles, burn some pure essential oils and play some light, easy listening music. Always an option is to turn the satellite radio on “Spa.”

Here is a lovely home spa treatment you can indulge your partner with

Step 1.  Fill a bowl large enough to fit both feet into; about ankle deep with warm water.  Include some Epson salts or salts and cleanser from one of our beautiful Beauty Through Balance Travel Kits.
Step 2.  Serve your guest some fresh cut fruit and chocolate while their feet tenderly soak.  Make sure they ease their feet into the water to ensure it’s not TOO hot for them.
Step 3.  Use an exfoliating salt to scrub from the foot to the knee. Ensure you go at it nice and slow, making sure to catch every inch of skin; including between the toes; careful tho if they have ticklish feet you don’t get kicked in the head!  A firmer grip will help those who are jumpy.

Show them some love and attention to detail

Step 4.  Remove feet from water and towel dry; remembering to get in between each toe with a fresh, clean towel.
Step 5.  Kiss their feet if you feel so inclined because you should not knock it until you try it.
Step 6.  Use the lotion from the Beauty Through Balance Travel Kits. (Warm product in the palm of your hand before beginning.) Gently massage the feet from the toes up to the knees. Remember to stroke up towards the heart.  Work the feet from the heels to the toes; then massaging each toe from the nail up each toe, in slow, smooth rotations. Grip the foot between both hands and rub the bottom of the foot with your thumbs; putting the effort in from leaning into the massage stroke rather than just tiring out your thumbs!  If you feel small hard spots under the foot that kind of “pop \ crunch” as you go over them… ensure you keep at it; nice and gently. Breaking these deposits is a good thing and feels great! Circle the ankles, rotate the foot and gently flex in each plane of motion. Carry the massage up the leg ensuring a fantastic calf massage,

 Time for a full body massage to gift

Young Woman Getting Foot MassageStep 7.  Now that the foot massage is complete have your partner return to a massage table or nicely laid out area with fresh, clean sheets.  Give them a towel for their neck and pillow under the ankles to better support the lower back. Either use a massage oil you have on hand; or pick up some grapeseed oil from the grocery store. Warm the oil in your hand before application or warm in the microwave and add a couple of drops of essential oil if you’ve got it.  Keep your partner warm by having a sheet/blanket laid over top of them uncovering the area your working on, then re-draping as you move to the next.


Have your partner take a couple of deep cleansing breaths, and you match their breathing to get yourself in sync with their energy. Start from the feet and make your way up the body. Slow, deep strokes, keeping the palm of your hand against the skin. Avoid any pressure against bones; especially the spine; however running the fingers up along either side of the spine from the tailbone up, is an excellent technique. Once you have completed the back, have your partner turn around and start again from the feet up. If you want a good tantric idea; ensure you gently massage the stomach in clockwise circles. To finish, offer a delightful scalp massage and circle the temples, which are located just to the sides of the eyes, using small clockwise circles with your index finger. 

You’re on your own from here! I’m sure you can get creative.
PS ** If you’re feeling artistic, try painting her toes; they will love it, and the effort will be noticed. Bringing a lovely giggle and smile that will make your heart glow.  Never underestimate being a romantic being. Even if you’re normally not- it can make a person feel incredibly special and appreciated.
***  If you’d rather give the gift of a spa that will come to the house; Soulful Indulgence Gift Certificates are available. Our mobile spa service is an option; but the toe kissing and tantric, we will leave that to you.

Note, this is great to do any time of year