September is Arthritis Awareness month:

When we educate our Wellness in the Workplace clients, we offer a broad spectrum of information and this one is all about arthritis.

Simply put, arthritis is inflammation of the joints, and there are hundreds of different types of arthritis. The human body was designed to move; sitting all day is not what it’s for – so ensure you get up throughout the day –  stand up and stretch. The less you move, the stiffer, you’ll get. Prevention is always a better strategy for long-term health and wellbeing – rather than doing nothing at all. Even 1% effort every day is worth it. 

Tips to try and alleviate arthritis pain:

Paraffin wax treatment. The heat from this warm wax treatment and relaxation is effective at relieving pain in the joints. 

Tumeric – an ancient secret for battling inflammation. Used internally and externally. Cherries on white background - close up

Contrast bathing – the changing from hot to cold water is a fantastic way to increase circulation! The benefits are even better if its warm, aerated water. Saunas are good too. Especially far infrared. 

Black Cherry Juice – is good to help reduce inflammation, says the Arthritis Foundation. Get this from the natural foods section. Just like real cranberry juice, it should contain no sugar.

In-office massage to the rescue – a fantastic way to relieve stress and improve circulation; which gets synovial fluid moving; that lubricate joints.  Happy joints = An excellent way to help prevent injury and heal quicker. #winning #wellnessintheworkplaceonsite-chairmassage-mobilespa-wellness-corporatemassage

You spend roughly 60% of your time working, so it’s important to find some wellness in the workplace instead of your body just flying on auto pilot. Set a timer if you need a reminder to get up, walk, and stretch. Even if just for a minute. Do the 4 – 7 breathing while you do these exercises to optimize the overall benefits –  breathing in for a steady count of 4 and with a nice even flow, breath out for a count of 7. Repeat at least three times. Onsite massage sends the right message to take this time to renew.