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We are thrilled to share the news that we’re attending the CPHR Conference & Expo 2023 this year. Hard to believe it’s been nearly 10 years since the first time we participated in this exceptional event; providing chair massage for event attendees. Organized by the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) of British Columbia & Yukon, every year this event just keeps getting better & better! We are grateful to be a long-term partner of CPHR in providing wellness to its events. Our team will be at the on-site event on May 2-3 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West in our beautiful hometown of Vancouver, BC, followed by the virtual event on May 11-12, 2023.

The CPHR conference is a great place for HR professionals to learn from industry experts and network with their peers. We look forward to promoting employee wellness in the workplace at CPHR!

The Wellness Lounge: Complimentary On-Site Chair Massages For Attendees

Since 2015, one of the highlights at this annual flagship HR conference is our Wellness Lounge featuring Soulful Indulgence on-site chair massage, a relaxation lounge, and a pop-up wellness shop. For 2023, this experience is provided courtesy of UKG.

Come to the Wellness Lounge and sign up to get a free on-site chair massage with an amazing water view! Make sure to pack your sunglasses just in case we get blessed with sunny blue skies.

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Did you know that on-site chair massages are a great way to reward and boost employee wellness without ever leaving the office?

Having on-site chair massages directly at work helps boost work productivity. We bring our relaxing, short, energy-boosting chair massage treatments delivered directly to the office.

Our company is dedicated to fostering workplace wellness, which leads to a boost in employee happiness, health, and productivity. This, in turn, decreases absenteeism, boosts staff morale, improves employee retention, and positively impacts the company’s financial performance. It’s a win-win!

On-site chair massages are also great for events as proven by our previous years at the CPHR Conference & Expo. We were one of the most popular places to go on the show floor every year! Our Wellness Lounge is a terrific sponsorship opportunity to incorporate at your next event. We provide your guests with a memorable feel good experience!

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Interested in exploring innovative ways to foster wellness at work? We’d love to schedule a meeting with you to discuss your corporate wellness needs. We can help improve your organization’s culture, productivity, and back to the office initiatives.

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Bring Wellness to Work, Home, or On the Go

We’ll also have a pop-up wellness shop at our Wellness Lounge including an aromatherapy bar! Sample different wellness products before buying for use at home, at work, or even in your car! They also make great gifts for your employees to show how much you care about their physical and mental well-being. We will have special volume pricing available at the show. Once the order has been placed, we can ship the wellness products directly to your office!

Essential Oils
Our aromatherapy bar will feature our 100% PURE, therapeutic-grade essential oil collection which are natural remedies extracted from plants to improve the mind, body, and spirit. Did you know that essential oils can help reduce anxiety, boost your mood, and reduce stress? Come and try different essential oils and see which one is right for you. Learn more >

There will be other wellness products you can try before you buy including pressure point cane massagers, hand grips, stress balls, CryoDerm pain relief gel, and more! Our staff will be available to demonstrate the optimal usage of our products to enhance your wellness experience.

CPHR Conference
Our pop-up wellness shop at last year’s CPHR conference.

Corporate Wellness Promotion In May: Special Pricing to Help You Implement Employee Wellness at Work

Post-pandemic has continued to be a challenge for HR professionals. We understand that companies and organizations are still experiencing the impact of what remote work, a reduced workforce, and physical disconnection from others, have cumulatively done to their employees: it has taken a toll on mental health and heightened job dissatisfaction.

corporate wellness gift sets
As a result of the pandemic, we introduced a new line of corporate wellness gift sets. They are ideal for rewarding employees for working long hours and helping to relieve their stress, especially when they are working remotely. Learn more >
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At Soulful Indulgence, our mission is to help HR professionals by working together to bring wellness to hardworking employees. Happy employees are better workers (less sick, more productive) which help the bottom line. Your staff and management will thank you!

on-site chair massages at work

For the month of May, we’ll be running a special promotion for our on-site chair massage services delivered directly to your office. There’s no better way to see the results yourself! We’ll be announcing it on our blog shortly. Stay tuned for our promotion!