We get our seaweed from protected water in the Queen Charlottes

This sustainably hand-harvested seaweed is eco-friendly. From these pristine Canadian waters, you will discover the Macrocystis Integrifolia Pacific Kelp. This is one of the fastest growing kelp plants and unlike other types of seaweed, once picked -grow back just after a few days! Other kelps can take months or years to grow back leading to disruption of the ecosystem and surrounding marine life.

The process

Once our seaweed stalks are hand harvested from the protected ocean beds by certified scuba divers; they are rinsed with purified water, followed by a patented advanced method called cold processing. This specialized gentle method uses no high pressure or high temperature that can denature the seaweed. Furthermore, they use the entire plant so, there is little or no waste. Therefore, this results is one of the most concentrated seaweed products in the world. And most importantly,t has not been adulterated by over processing.

Winning; reuse the fronds post treatment

These nourishing seaweed fronds are reusable up to 5 times post treatment, and we give it to your post-treatment. After use, wash and lay to dry or freeze. Rehydrate by soaking in boiled water 5-10 minutes. Its the gel that you seaweed frondwant -this vial nutrient secretes off the seaweed frond. This clear gel mimics human plasma which is, therefore bio-available. It contains a plentiful amount of vitamins and minerals the body can use right away. 

Magic Plant

Helps to reduce Muscles Joint Pain. Arthritis, Cellulite, Dry/Irritated Areas and helps to address dull, tired skin. Promotes re-hydration and helps brighten skin complexion. It can also contribute to healing and reduction of acne, inflammation, fluid retention. Also, it promotes anti-stress. This plant is different than any on land because it has no roots system, as it grows through osmosis. It’s quite magical. seaweed_harvesting

After about 4-5 uses, the seaweed will start to crumble – Once this process starts, Crush up when dried and sprinkle into the dirt of your house plants. Then when you water the plants, they will get to enjoy the nutrients just as much as you did; creating a natural cycle of wellness with nature and personal care.

Soulful Indulgence works with this magical plant in our mobile spa and massage treatments. Try it in our Thalassotherapy treatments, facials, body wraps, and specialized manicure, and pedicures. Or order our Beauty Through Balance products for home care