Addressing mental health in the workplace

stresse-woman-massaging-her-headAs mental health is becoming more and more in the spotlight these days; it’s challenging human recourses. The stigma is less and less, so people are coming out of hiding and approaching their employers for help. Are you there for them? Did you know that “about a quarter of the 20,000 disability checks per month great West life issues in BC goes to clients with mental illness claims.” -Vancouver Sun “ mental illness challenges human resources” -by Derrick Penner. These numbers should not go disregarded, especially when there are ways to help improve the situation.

Support to invest in a workplace culture that helps provide a better work-life balance.

Now that the end of the year is nearing completion, people are over exerted and feeling taxed from the busy gift-giving season – with looming deadlines, fiscal targets to meet, and after putting in 100’s of hours for their respective company, these core business personnel can use a little pepping up. People feel drained, flu season plagues the air, and the days are getting shorter. Then you add the personal day to day life noise each has to deal with, and that is usually a primary combustor to the greater problem that is coming out of them at work.

What is having staff reach for disability benefits?

exhausted-man-sleeping-with-head-on-deskWhich is causing these unwanted ripples in production, business want to avoid? Whether the stress or disease come from financial, caretaking, mental health, or anything other, staff must show up to work and do their job whether they want to or not. They may be hiding for fear of being disregarded and judged, which can cause a lot of pressure as they grin and bear to get through each day. 

If workers, feel so unsupported liked that, can you imagine why they would want to stay with the organization? Or can you blame them for snapping?  If they don’t have themselves in check, they run the risk of being a negativity leche, which can cause other’s to start quitting the company and things become even more of a human resource nightmare.  So it is, therefore, a good idea to help your people by making them feel supported, recognized, and looked after, for all their efforts they do to make the business succeed. 

helping-reduce-churn-ratesIt’s good for the bottom line and reduces churn rates when you bring wellness into the workplace; as it helps engage and fosters a more cohesively working team.

Think of all the people who will want to continue to work for a progressive thinking company that helps fulfill their work-life balance needs. Which then, in turn, will create no reason to spend time training new hires. One might not think it cost much but the stress on your team from picking up the slack when a person leaves, lack of excellent customer support, interviewing, and time to get the newbie up to speed will all add up, affecting a company’s hard costs.

Studies show when employees feel taken care of, they work harder.

Bringing massage – complimentary massage, into the workplace will bring a lot of value to your office by rewarding staff with wellness and making them feel well taken care of; respected as a worker – not just as a number. Also, who does not love a good incentive program? Our mobile spa services are the perfect addition to your office. Most people are competitive in nature and love winning free stuff!  Have fun with bringing wellness in the workplace. It can range anywhere from wellness products, iexcited-workern-house massage, mini spa treatments, yoga, fitness, lunch and learns and more. Be creative and see how much more engaged your team can be. Contact us today to inquire about getting started. 

For a lot of people, their work is about much more than just money. Join the growing crowd of progressive companies taking matters into their hands, creating an environment that supports this new dynamic in today busy, plugged-in life.  Rewarding just makes life (did you know the majority of people are spending well over 50% of their time working?) a little more fun, and with a smile and positivity, everyone benefits.