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Natural skin care is important. We use sustainably harvested indigenous ingredients from nature with effective healing properties. Our treatments focus on creating a multidimensional experience—wellness, nourishment, and relaxation.

Create your own spa experience: Tell us your budget and any special requests. We’ll customize a special spa package, leaving you, or your guest with a memorable footprint of health, wellness, and revitalization. 

Events and group rates: Ask us about spa parties, private event set up, conferences, on-location spa set up, on-set mobile spa services, wellness fairs, festivals, green room entertainment, and corporate wellness centers.

Please contact us for more details.


Thalassotherapy is an ancient process of layering pristine marine ingredients on the body to infuse vitamins and minerals directly into your skin. It helps to detoxify, restore hormonal balance, and nourish your body on a cellular level. This treatment leaves your skin enriched and revitalized by reducing inflammation and improving circulation with the essence of Canada. – Rich Glacial Clay and Nourishing – Queen Charlotte Island Seaweed. 

Seawater Oasis Massage

Enjoy a warm kelp water and fresh seaweed frond massage, followed by a sea salt exfoliation and infusion treatment. Warm glacial clay massage, hot towels, and a seaweed body butter application will leave your skin hydrated.

Classic (60 minutes) $150
Signature (90 minutes) $180

Body Balancing Wrap

Cocoon your body with fresh Canadian glacial clay, sea salts, and Pacific organic seaweed to tone your skin and improve your skin’s appearance. Helps reduce inflammation, balances hormones, and expel toxins from your body for better circulation.

Signature (90 minutes) $180
Deluxe (120 minutes) Enjoy a mineral boost facial and scalp massage $220

Hydra Skin Renewal Wrap

This nourishing seaweed gel treatment is perfect for people who want to relax and unwind. Indulge in a warm kelp water, a seaweed frond massage, and application of hydration gel to soothe aches and pains. Gently exfoliates to reduce inflammation with vitamin c, aloe, and papaya enzymes. Refresh with a rain shower and return for a warm cocoa lavender mango body wrap, hot towels, and glacial revitalizing finishing massage. Great for dehydrated, sensitive, and reactive skin types.

Signature (90 minutes) $180
Deluxe (120 minutes) Enjoy a facial and extended massage $220

Canadian Salt Glow

A great way to enhance your immunity. Glacial clay salt glow smoothes and detoxifies the skin by promoting blood flow and lymphatic drainage. A brief shower revitalizes the body. The treatment ends with a Northern West Coast seaweed body butter massage.

Classic (60 minutes) $130
Signature (90 minutes) Extended relaxing massage $160



An excellent way to relax and refresh your body, mind, and soul by encouraging circulation, detoxification, and stress reduction. Rest sore and tight muscle by supplying more oxygen to improve blood flow. Your practitioner will consult with you to ensure you get just the right pressure and focus areas are identified.

Soulful Indulgence Massage

Get a customized massage treatment tailored for you.  Choose from our nourishing rice bran or special Indian Spice Massage Serum blend. We’ll take care of everything to conveniently transform your space into your own oasis with our massage table and crisp white eco-friendly washed linens, soothing music and expert care.

Complementary and optional: Use your own soothing music to relax or select from our music selection. Essential oil aromatherapy enhancement is provided at the beginning and end of your treatment with a custom aromatherapy pad to keep.

Classic (60 minutes) $130
Signature (90 minutes) $160
Deluxe (120 minutes) $190

Choose your massage oil:

Natural Rice Bran & Sunflower

Known for their skin nourishing properties, this blend of natural ingredients is high in vitamin A, D, E and omega 9. Regenerates cells and hydrates the skin.

Green Tea & Indian Spice

Reduces inflammation, fatigue, stress, joint and muscle pain while enhancing your immune system, leaving your skin soft and hydrated. Contains vitamin E, neroli, sweet orange, cardamom, and clove. *Not for pregnant women and those with allergic, sensitive skin.

Chair Massage

The perfect relaxation experience if you have a small space. Relax ergonomically in one of our comfortable massage chairs, stay fully clothed or semi disrobe for oil therapy. Indulge in the benefits of massage and improved circulation. Chair massages are great for corporate wellness.

Pick-Me-Up Chair Massage

Take a break: breathe, exhale, and enjoy this compact massage. We focus on targeted areas to work out kinks or tensions in the body. Optional complimentary Cryoderm application available post-massage.

Classic (60 minutes) $120
Signature (90 minutes) Great way to split the time with a friend $150



Our face is directly exposed to the environment everyday. Our facials are meticulously designed to effectively cleanse, repair, and protect all skin types and conditions.

Beauty Through Balance Facial

A customized treatment that will rejuvenate and brighten your face. Get the healthy glow for a more youthful complexion. Gently remove environmental build up and cosmetics with cleansing, exfoliation, hot towels, massage, extractions as needed, and infusion of nourishing vitamins and minerals.

Classic (60 minutes) $125
Signature (90 minutes) Enjoy longer massage time as we apply the masks, serums, and scrubs for a longer period of time. $158
Back Facial Therapy

The back is a difficult to reach spot and many people have a tendency for breakouts. This skin balancing facial treatment for the back, neck, and shoulders will correct and nourish the skin. It’s a great treatment if you are suffering from back pain, have tight muscles from playing golf or other sports, or just need to look great in that dress.

Classic (60 minutes) $135
Signature (90 minutes) Longer dwell time and full body massage $175

Nail Care

Having your fingers or toes tended and cared for are highly beneficial and mood enhancing to the body. Keeps bacteria and problems at bay. Circulation is enhanced. Nails are groomed to become healthy and strong.


Nails are deeply cleaned and hydrated. Cuticle care, nail shaping, and stunning polish or natural buff.

Classic (50 minutes) $100
Signature (75 minutes) Includes an exfoliation treatment, hot towels, mask, massage, and bottle of nail polish to keep $135
Deluxe Classic Combo (90 minutes) Includes Classic Manicure and Pedicure with bottle of nail polish to keep $165


Warm foot soak, callus & cuticle care, hydration, massage, and vegan-friendly nail polish or natural buff.

Classic (50 minutes) $100
Signature (75 minutes) Includes an exfoliation treatment, callus polisher, mask, massage, and bottle of nail polish $135
Deluxe Signature Combo (140 minutes) Includes Signature Pedicure and Manicure with bottle of nail polish to keep $215

Spa Packages

For over 10 years, we have been delivering unique and relaxing mobile spa experiences directly to our clients’ locations for comfort and convenience. Here are some of our popular spa packages. They make the perfect gift and we can customize any package for you. Please contact us for assistance, or to create your own.

Soulful Indulgence Balancing Package

A complete head to toe spa package to be used on one day Or split into two separate treatment visits. Treatment includes a deluxe Body WrapClassic Facial, and Signature Manicure, and Pedicure. Includes a bottle of nail polish to keep, and a recommended skin and body care product delivered post-treatment. 



Spa Club

Join the club and reap the benefits! All exclusive Spa Club Members will receive Free Shipping over $100. One on one Wellness Discovery Tour. Special Club only promotions, 40% off regular menu prices on any additional services booked in the year. 10% off products, and 1x free Spa at Home Wellness Kit. 

Please contact us to sign up and learn more.

SPA CLUB: Yearly Membership 

Includes 3 x 60-minute mobile spa visits $435

SPA CLUB: Yearly Pro Membership

Includes 3 x 90-minute mobile spa visits $500 

SPA CLUB: Yearly Indulgence Membership

Includes 3 x 120-minute mobile spa visits $750 

Post-Care Treatment

Keep your skin feeling great after your spa experience. Our skin care experts are here to help you discover the right products for your skin type. We will conveniently ship it to you. Contact us to learn more.


If you need to have any treatment customized due to allergies, we can accommodate. Please let us know upon booking.

Contact us for any questions you have about our spa menu.